First Iranian tanker beginning its journey to deliver fuel to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Undated

Third Iranian Tanker Delivering Fuel To Hezbollah Nears Suez Canal


The third Iranian tanker carrying fuel for Hezbollah in Lebanon, has reappeared on a satellite tracking system in the Gulf of Suez, TankerTrackers has reported.

The tanker Fortune has been identified through the Automatic Identification System (AIS) that uses transceivers on ships and is used by vessel traffic services. tweeted the news on Friday.

The Lebanese Hezbollah announced in August that Iran will be sending diesel and gasoil to energy-starved Lebanon, in a challenge to the United States that has sanctioned both Iran and Hezbollah.

The first tanker anchored at the Syrian port of Baniyas and some of its fuel has already been shipped to Lebanon by tanker trucks.

While Hezbollah insists that the some of the fuel will be distributed among hospitals and other public services, the rest will be sold. This would generate money for the Shiite militant organization, which has always depended on Iran for financial support.

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