A photo of Ali Khamenei at a military ceremony published by state media on October 10, 2023

Iran's Khamenei Says Israel Has Suffered An Irreparable Defeat

Tuesday, 10/10/2023

In his first response to Hamas' attacks on Israel, Iran's ruler Ali Khamenei said Israel has faced an irrevocable military and intelligence capabilities defeat.

Khamenei also tried to distance the Islamic Republic from the Hamas operation, saying Tehran had not been involved, and praised the “Palestinians” for preparing the attack. Khamenei said, "we kiss the hands of those who planned the attack on the Zionist regime".

“Everyone has acknowledged the defeat, but I emphasize that it is irreparable. I say this devastating earthquake has managed to destroy some of the key structures of the oppressive regime's governance, the reconstruction of which is not easily achievable,” Khamenei stated.

Khamenei made the remarks during a joint ceremony for the graduation of cadets from the military academies at Imam Ali Officer University.

“We salute the foreheads and arms of the ingenious and intelligent Palestinian designers and the young people. But those who claim that the recent victory belongs to non-Palestinians have miscalculated.”

More than 900 Israelis and some 600 Palestinians have been killed amid heavy fighting and bombardment following the surprise terror attack by the Palestinian group Hamas against Israel on Saturday.

“The Zionists brought this calamity upon themselves when their oppression and crimes went beyond all limits, when their insatiable greed reached its peak. They should have expected a storm. What have you done with the Palestinian people!” he noted.

The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post have reported that Iran and its Revolutionary Guard were deeply involved in planning and preparing the Hamas attack. A Hamas official and Lebanese Hezbollah sources have confirmed that Tehran assisted the operation.

However, as the supreme leader rang out victory calls, the US has begun sending supplies of air defenses, munitions and security assistance to Israel amidst the ongoing war.
General Charles Q. Brown, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said it was a clear sign to other countries in the region "not to get involved."
With Iranian proxies in both Lebanon and Syria, and the ever-looming threats from Iran, the US support is clearly aimed to prevent any party being emboldened to action as the conflict enters day four.
On Sunday, the Pentagon announced that it was sending an aircraft carrier strike group closer to Israel. "It sends a very strong message of support for Israel.
"We want to send a pretty strong message. We do not want this to broaden, and the idea is for Iran to get that message loud and clear," Brown added.
The IDF spokesman, Richard Hecht, referenced the collaboration in the Tuesday media briefing, saying "the fact that the American support is coming through sends a message in further places to stay out of this".

President Ebrahim Raisi in separate remarks, joined Khamenei in extending his congratulations to Hamas, praising the militants for their "courage, bravery, resistance, and initiative."

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