President Ebrahim Raisi during a cabinet meeting on October 8, 2023

Iran's President Calls Hamas Attack On Israel ‘Exemplary’

Tuesday, 10/10/2023

President Ebrahim Raisi joined Iran's ruler Ali Khamenei in extending his congratulations to Hamas, praising the militants for their "courage, bravery, resistance, and initiative."

Operation Al Aqsa Storm saw hundreds of Hamas militants enter Israel by land, sea and air on Saturday morning, accompanied by a bombardment which has seen more than 900 killed, thousands injured and well over 100 kidnapped into Gaza, including women and children.

Raisi said: "Their resistance in this glorious operation is exemplary. The determination of the young Palestinians has created a great epic and demonstrated that oppressing a nation, displacing people, and occupying their land may last for a while, but it infuriates the oppressed people, and they are no longer willing to endure the oppression. I hope God helps the fighters in liberating their land."

Iran has long supported various Palestinian militant groups, including Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, with the largest beneficiary being Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip.

On Monday, the Islamic Republic denied allegations implicating it in the recent terrorist incursion into Israel, despite Hamas expressing gratitude to Tehran for its support. Naser Kanaani, spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, asserted that the Palestinians had conducted the attack independently and stressed that accusations against Iran were politically motivated.

Meanwhile, nations including the UK and US have expressed full support for Israel after the surprise assault, the US already giving military support.

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