Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani

Iran's Foreign Ministry Condemns Canada's Designation of IRGC

Thursday, 06/20/2024

Iran's foreign ministry has slammed the decision by Canada to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), calling it "ill considered and provocative" as it continues to deny its terror activities at home and abroad.

Spokesman Nasser Kanani said Iran reserves the right to respond “proportionately.”

"The IRGC, an institution integral to Iran's national security, derives its legitimacy from the Iranian constitution," Kanani asserted while emphasizing the IRGC's role in safeguarding Iran's borders and combating terrorism regionally.

The IRGC was designated as a terrorist organization by Canada under its criminal code, enabling law enforcement to charge those supporting the group financially or materially. Thousands of senior Iranian government officials, including top IRGC officials, will now be prohibited from entering Canada as a result of the decision and those there are now at risk of arrest.

Due to potential retribution concerns and amid Iran's policy of diplomatic hostage taking, Canada has advised its citizens and dual nationals to leave Iran.

The IRGC is a significant military, political, and economic entity in Iran, working under the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei with over 190,000 active personnel across ground forces, navy, and air force units.

Plots such as assassinations and kidnappings by the group have been uncovered globally from South America to Europe.

"The decision to list the IRGC through the Criminal Code listing regime sends a strong message that Canada will use all tools at its disposal to combat the terrorist activity of the IRGC, conducted both unilaterally and in knowing association with listed terrorist entities such as Hizballah and Hamas," the Canadian government statement said.

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