A photo released by the authorities shows a group of detainees. May 17, 2024

Over 260 Detained in Iran at What Authorities Call ‘Satanic’ Gathering

Friday, 05/17/2024

Iranian authorities arrested over 260 people, including three Europeans, at what authorities called a "Satanist" gathering near Tehran on Friday, the semi-official Tasnim News Agency reported.

The report stated that 146 men and 115 women were arrested, and authorities seized alcohol, banned under the Islamic Republic’s laws, along with psychedelic drugs.

Those detained had “signs and symbols of satanism on their clothes, head, face, and hair,” according to Tasnim which is linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

The media outlet also published photographs showing masks, model skulls, and T-shirts depicting skulls.
The report did not specify the nationality of the Europeans, and there is no independent confirmation of the nature of the gathering raided by the police.

The raid comes amid a nationwide crackdown by Iranian authorities on women accused of violating the strict Islamic dress code.

Across Iran, there have been increasing reports of young people being detained for participating in "mixed parties" and refusing to wear hijabs.

As the regime’s “morality police” intensify their operations, many detainees are being whipped with lashes as punishment.

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