The German Foreign Office has recommended that its citizens leave Iran due to escalating tensions and the possibility of conflict with Israel.

The advisory warns of the dangers to air, land, and sea travel in the region and specifically mentions the risk faced by those with dual citizenship in Germany and Iran. It cautions against the higher chance of being detained or questioned without warning.

“In the current tensions, especially between Israel and Iran, there is a risk of a sudden escalation,” stated the German Foreign Office in its renewed travel warning.

The news comes as German airline Lufthansa has decided to prolong its pause on flights to and from Tehran due to the unstable conditions. The airline made an announcement on Friday that it will be avoiding Iranian airspace for an indefinite period.

"Because of the current circumstances, Lufthansa is halting its flights to and from Tehran until Thursday, 18 April," a spokesperson for the company confirmed.

This cautionary measure comes after reports from US intelligence officials warned of a heightened risk of potential Iranian attacks on Israeli soil within the next 24 to 48 hours. US President Joe Biden had previously warned that Tehran could take action against Israel "sooner rather than later."

Germany, Britain, Canada, Russia, and Australia have all advised their citizens against traveling to Iran, Israel, the West Bank, and Lebanon due to rising tensions in the Middle East.

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