Habib Afkari, a former detainee and the brother of Navid Afkari, has penned a heartfelt open letter on the third anniversary of his brother Vahid's imprisonment.

Vahid Afkari, who continues to be incarcerated in solitary confinement, stands as a symbol of resilience in the face of injustice and remains an enduring source of inspiration for many across Iran.

Navid Afkari, a talented wrestler, was apprehended in August 2018 amid widespread protests against escalating prices and economic hardships in Shiraz. Tragically, he was executed on September 12, 2020, following a trial marred by inconsistencies and irregularities.

In a poignant letter addressed to his brother Vahid, Habib Afkari wrote "Every day you endure in solitary confinement, bearing the weight of suffering and pain, you understand that you are paving the path towards a brighter future for our nation. You are the one forgotten and abandoned in that dim cell, yet you steadfastly cling to your faith, believing that your unwavering resolve will hasten the day of freedom."

Vahid Afkari has been sentenced to 33 years and 9 months in prison, accompanied by 74 lashes, following a controversial trial. He has endured three years of solitary confinement.

Afkari’s sister, Elham, who was also arrested by Shiraz's intelligence office in November 2021, regained her freedom several months later after receiving a five-year suspended sentence.

The latest audio recording released by Navid Afkari has prominently featured a phrase that has resonated widely over the past three years: "They search for the neck for their noose."

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