Iranian singer Mehdi Yarrahi

Iran Commences Legal Action Against Singer For Hijab-Related Song

Sunday, 08/27/2023

Renowned Iranian singer Mehdi Yarrahi has been faced with legal action after releasing a song in support of the opposition to the mandatory hijab

Mizan News Agency, a media outlet under the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic's judiciary, reported the commencement of legal action against Yarrahi after his latest release, "Rosarito...," (Your Veil), which offers vocal support to women opposing hijab regulations all over the country.

The agency reported that the song, which is a modified rendition of a four-year old track, has been deemed as "illegal and inconsistent with the ethical and societal norms of the Islamic community." It added that legal measures will be taken against the singer.

Yarrahi previously released a contentious song titled "Women's Anthem" during last year’s demonstrations and, in March, the singer revealed that he had been banned from public performances by the government.

This is in line with nationwide crackdowns against dissenting artists since the commencement of anti-regime protests in September. 

Iran's Culture Minister, Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, said that the only avenue for such artists to continue to practice was if they express remorse for endorsing the public protests.

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