Majid Kazemi, Saleh Mirhashemi and Saeed Yaghoubi (Undated)

Majid Kazemi, Saleh Mirhashemi and Saeed Yaghoubi, who face execution after forced confessions

Protestors Gather Outside Prison Ahead Of Feared Executions

Monday, 05/15/2023

Demonstrators have gathered outside a jail in Iran overnight ahead of the feared execution of three anti-government protesters.

Videos posted by activists show dozens chanting slogans in front of the Isfahan Central Prison, while gunfire was also heard. The clips also show thick smoke caused by tear gas.

Iranian authorities intend to execute Majid Kazemi, Saleh Mirhashmi, and Saeed Yaqoubi.

The three detainees received the death penalty in connection with an armed attack on November 16on “Isfahan House” neighborhood last year.

The Iranian authorities claim that two members of the security forces and a police officer were killed by protesters.

Campaigners say the three men were tortured into confessions, and there is no reliable evidence against them.

Amnesty International on Saturday spoke of its fears for the fate of the three detainees.

The international human rights organisation said: “Majid Kazemi, Saleh Mirhashemi and Saeed Yaghoubi are at imminent risk of execution at central Isfahan prison (also known as Dastgerd prison) after Iran’s Supreme Court upheld their unjust convictions and death sentences in early May 2023.”

After a wave of nationwide anti-government protests last year which has still yet to subside, the Iranian regime has embarked on a wave of executions which has seen dozens of prisoners hanged this year.

The regime used overwhelming force with military weapons in its crackdown on the protests, killing more than 500 civilians. Hundreds of other protestors suffered permanent injuries, including the loss of eyes when shotgun pellets were fired at the faces of demonstrators. More than 20,000 people were arrested.

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