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Famous Iranian Veteran Wrestlers Continue Criticism Of Government

Thursday, 01/19/2023

Two Iranian veteran athletes, brothers Amir-Reza and Rasoul Khadem, continue harshly criticizing the policies and performance of the regime in Iran.

Rasoul Khadem, former champion, and coach of the national wrestling team criticized the “false promises” of President Ebrahim Raisi and Vice President Mohammad Mokhber about building four million houses in four years.

In a post on his Instagram Wednesday, Rasoul Khadem also lashed out at Raisi because of the declining value of Iran’s currency and soaring prices for cars and housing.

During his campaign Raisi had promised to build one million affordable housing units in each year of his term in office.

Earlier, Amir-Reza Khadem, the former Head of Iran’s Wrestling Federation, also lashed out at the recent statements by the Interior Minister following months of protests by ordinary people, saying "You have confused the people with the terrorists of al-Qaeda, ISIS...!"

Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi, on Monday once again called the support of famous figures and celebrities for the popular protests a "criminal act".

He also warned that if celebrities do not stop, the judiciary must intervene.

In response, Amir-Reza Khadem wrote on his Instagram that "Your first duty is to provide peace, not to play the role of a reeve or an ambassador of torment!"

In another part of his comment, the Iranian wrestling champion said those athletes and artists who expressed support for people are neither in need of fame nor money; and if they were, they would have emigrated.

In the past months, the Khadem brothers have levelled sharp criticism against the regime and its officials, especially on social networks.

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