Protests at Iran University of Science and Technology (November 2022)

Protests at Iran University of Science and Technology

Alumni Denounce Professors’ Call For Suppressing Students

Wednesday, 11/16/2022

Graduates of the University of Science and Technology in Tehran have slammed a letter written by some professors asking security to deal with dissident students.

In a statement on Wednesday, hundreds of alumni called it “the most disgraceful incident” in the history of the University of Science and Technology, saying that the suppression of students is the result of “the silence of most of the professors” and the support of “a few professors” for the crackdown.

“The shameful statement by a number of professors, in which they implicitly supported the current security measures and asked for the start of normal activities at the university regardless of the students' conditions, is definitely one of the most shameful events in the 90-year history of this university,” reads the letter.

Security and intelligence organizations attacked students on several occasions during campus protests since September and arrested dozens, most of whom are still in prison.

The alumni also warned against attempts by some university officials who have threatened and intimidated students upon government orders.

Earlier, 267 faculty members of the University of Science and Technology had signed a letter demanding “decisive” action against those who are holding protests or sit-ins in solidarity with the current antigovernment protests.

Since the beginning of nationwide protests in September, Iranian universities have been scenes of protest gatherings and massive student strikes to show anger at the Islamic Republic and its crackdown on unarmed protesters.

But at the same time other professors did defend students and urged the government to act with restraint.

More than 120 professors of Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran had published a letter warning against the government officials’ plan to “harshly deal with students.”

The professors at Amirkabir University emphasized that intensifying the repression against students is “against logic” and will further fuel the protests.

Universities in Iran remain in chaos as nationwide student protests have entered their ninth week.

This new academic year in Iran started amid public anger over the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in the custody of morality police on September 16.

University students have been at the forefront of the movement against the regime.

Violent repression at universities such as Tehran’s Sharif Industrial University, University of Tehran and Babol Noshirvani University of Technology has not silenced the angry students.

According to Iranian law, military and law enforcement forces are banned from entering university grounds or making arrests on campuses, but in the past few weeks plainclothes agents have attacked student gatherings and dormitories in several universities across the country, arresting several hundred people often using violence.

Students have for several times announced they would not attend classes, demanding the release of all arrested students and lifting of academic suspensions as well as the withdrawal of the security forces from campuses.

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