The Arab League has once again criticized the Islamic Republic for its support of militant groups in Arab countries and its ballistic missile program.

The Council of the League of Arab States, which was held at the level of foreign ministers on Wednesday in Cairo, expressed concerns over Iran’s support for separatist elements that threaten Morocco's integrity.

The meeting endorsed a resolution proposed by the Ministerial Committee of the Arab Quartet – comprised of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt as well as the Secretary-General of the Arab League, and tasked with monitoring and countering Iran’s interventions.

The resolution calls for solidarity with Morocco in confronting the interference of Iran and its ally Hezbollah through arming and training the separatists, describing them as an extension of the Tehran's actions aimed at undermining regional security and stability.

In January, Iran’s Foreign Ministry rejected Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita’s claims that the Islamic Republic wants to infiltrate Africa and expand Shiite ideology on the continent, describing the remarks as “unfounded projections”.

Morocco severed diplomatic ties with Iran in 2018, saying the Tehran-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah was training Polisario Front separatist fighters against Morocco in Western Sahara.

Iran-backed Houthis have also launched missile and drone attacks on three occasions against the UAE in January.

Many countries in the region accuse Iran of interference in their domestic affairs by using armed proxy groups.

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