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Syria Says Israel Attacked Targets With Surface-To-Surface Missiles


Syrian state media reported Wednesday that Israel attacked targets near Damascus using surface-to-surface missiles instead of warplanes it has usually used.

There are no details about what targets were hit, but past attacks have aimed at destroying weapons and ammunition depots belonging to Iran-backed forces. Also, weapons destined for the Lebanese Hezbollah have been a prime target for Israeli attacks in the past four year.

Israel does not comment about attacks in Syria.

Recent reports have said Iran is transferring surface-to-air missiles and attack drones to Syria, training militia forces under its command to use the drones. Last month, suspected Iranian drones hit a US base in southern Syria, in what could be seen as an escalation of Iranian sponsored attacks against US forces.

Israeli media say that the use of surface-to-surface missiles instead of aircraft could be a sign of an agreement with Russia not to expose the weakness of Russian air defense systems provided to Syria. The Russian air defense systems have not harmed or stopped Israeli air attacks since 2017.

The attack took place just after midnight, local time, but Syria has said another attack on Saturday was also conducted with surface-to-surface missiles.

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