Shahr-e Rey Prison, known as “Qarchak Women's Prison”, located on the Tehran-Varamin Highway

Slain Teen’s Sister Moved to Shahr-e Rey for Hijab Defiance

Friday, 04/19/2024

Aida Shakarami, the older sister of the slain teen protester Nika Shakarmi, has been transferred to Shahr-e Rey women's prison after her arrest by security forces for refusing to wear the hijab.

"Aida was transferred from the morality police detention center to Evin prison on Thursday morning, and from Evin to Shahr-e Rey women's prison," Nasrin Shakarami, Aida's mother, wrote on her personal Instagram account on Friday.

Over the weekend, Nasrin Shakarami revealed on social media that Aida had been detained for failing to wear the mandatory hijab.

Earlier this week, Iran's police initiated a renewed crackdown on unveiled women, using violence against detainees and those trying to intervene to prevent arrests.

Aida’s sister, 16-year-old Nika Shakarami, was abducted by security forces off Tehran’s Keshavarz Boulevard, while she was protesting against the regime amid the nationwide 2022 Women, Life, Freedom protests.

Nika’s body, reportedly subjected to torture, abuse, and beatings by security forces, was handed over to her family over a week after her disappearance.

Fearful of her gravesite becoming a location of protests, government agents secretly seized her body from her hometown of Khorramabad in Lorestan and buried her in one of the province’s villages instead.

At least 500 civilians, including children and teenagers, were killed when regime forces cracked down on the months-long protests following the killing of Mahsa Jina Amini by the so-called "morality police" in Tehran.

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