Protests in in the city of Mahabad, in West Azarbaijan province (November 10, 2022)

Protests in in the city of Mahabad, in West Azarbaijan province

Iran’s Government Cuts Off Water In Kurdish City Amid Protests

Thursday, 11/10/2022

Protests in Iran continued Thursday with most of the demonstrations taking place in Kurdish majority cities while women were unveiling in support of the revolt and workers continued their strikes. 

According to reports, the water supply of the city of Sanandaj, the provincial capital of Iran’s Kordestan province, was shut off as a measure to quash the protests in the city while security forces opened fire at a group of people who were dancing in public in solidarity with the protesters. 

According to Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, the drinking water of Sanandaj was completely cut off last night deliberately and under the supervision of the security organizations to put pressure on the protesters.

In many cities across the country, people set fires to billboards and banners of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and other iconic figures of the Islamic Republic such as Qasem Soleimani, forcing the security forces to guard them 24/7. 

People in the city of Mahabad, in West Azarbaijan province, kept on with their protests on Thursday. People were out on streets in the city after the body of Fayeq Mam-Qadri, who was shot by security forces died following 25 days in coma. Businesspeople in the city also held a strike in his honor on Thursday. 

In addition to the closure of shops in Mahabad, employees in 37 South Pars gas platforms have gone on strike to show anger at government mismanagement and unfair wages.

People of Marivan in Kordestan province also held mourning ceremonies for the 40th day since the death of Mokhtar Ahmadi, a 19-year-old boy who was killed by security forces during the protests in the city. The 40th day after one’s death carries immense significance in the Iranian culture.

People in several cities of Sistan and Baluchestan province also continued their protests to mark the 40th day since Bloody Friday in Zahedan on September 30, when security forces killed at least 93 people, and injured many more. Rights group Amnesty International has recorded the names of 100 protesters, including 16 children, killed in the province since 30 September.

Students also continued their protests and sit-ins on Thursday in several campuses across the country. In Mashhad, students booed and stopped the speech of government spokesman Ali Bahadori-Jahromi. Students in Tehran also walked out of their classes and held rallies in support of the protests. 

According to information obtained by Iran International, a gathering was held by people at the grave of Ali Seyyedi, one of the protesters killed on October 26, the 40th day since the death in custody of a Mahsa Amini whose death sparked the protests. 

Spearheaded by Canada-based activist Hamed Esmaeilion, another international protest rally is planned for November 19. Esmaeilion’s daughter and wife were killed when the IRGC shot down a passenger plane in January 2020.

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