Iranian missiles on display on November 4, 2020

Iranian missiles on display on November 4, 2020

Source Of Explosions, Gun Fire Heard In Western Iran Unclear

Saturday, 01/15/2022

Social media reports by journalists and citizens in Iran say a series of loud explosions were heard tonight in Western Iran, around the cities of Hamedan and Kermanshah.

Some reports quote Iran's Revolutionary Guard as saying that they launched air defense drills in the region, but it cannot be independently verified.

Social media reports said that there was anti-aircraft activity, but it is not clear if it was part of drills or not.

One video, that Iran International cannot verify its authenticity, includes sounds that resemble anti-aircraft gun fire, and a voice in the video says explosions were heard. The images are from a city, but no location is mentioned.

There are no reports of aircraft activity in the region, but one tweet said an anti-aircraft missile was fired and there was one explosion near or at a military base.

The weather in western Iran on Saturday was overcast with rain and snow, which reduces the likelihood of military drills.

Tensions are high in the region amid Iran’s nuclear talks with world powers. Israel has repeatedly said it will not tolerate Iran reaching a nuclear breakout point, while Tehran has threatened severe retaliation in case of any attack.

Iran has held several military exercises in recent months.

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