Kazem Gharibabadi, Iranian justice department official. FILE PHOTO

Kazem Gharibabadi, Iranian justice department official. FILE PHOTO

Iran Preparing A List OF US Officials, Entities To Sanction


Tehran says it is preparing a list of American officials and entities to sanction, after the US Tuesday designated more Iranian officials for rights violations.

Kazem Gharibabadi, who until recently was Tehran’s envoy in international organizations in Vienna, including the UN nuclear watchdog IAEA, condemned the US announcement of new sanctions and said the United States itself has serious human rights issues.

Gharibaabdi is now the head of the human rights office in Iran’s Judiciary, which has been repeatedly criticized by international human rights organizations for playing a major role in arrests of dissidents, journalists and conducting unfair trials, which in some cases end in issuing the death penalty.

Gharibabadi said, “America’s regime stands accused of the way it handles peaceful protests and should answer to the world public opinion for its violent confrontations with protesters.” He also accused the US of suppressing racial minorities and said, “George Floyd is just one example of countless human beings killed by the police.”

The US and the European Union have sanctioned many Iranian security officials for their role in Iran’s November 2019 protests when security forces opened fire on demonstrates in many cities and town killing hundreds.

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