Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu Vows to Thwart Iran's Intentions to Destroy Israel 'At Any Cost'

Monday, 06/24/2024

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the Islamic Republic is working on all front to destroy Israel, but the Jewish state will thwart its intentions "at any cost".

Netanyahu said on Monday that Tehran is actively working on multiple fronts to destroy Israel, highlighting the ongoing threat posed by Iranian proxy groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis.

“At any cost and in any way, we will thwart Iran's intentions to destroy us,” the Israeli prime minister told the Knesset.

He described the situation as an "existential war on seven fronts," asserting that Iran is openly attempting to annihilate Israel.

Iran has long been a key supporter of both Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, providing financial aid, weapons, and training to these groups.

Since October 7, Israel has been engaged on two primary fronts: Gaza and Lebanon. Following a series of escalations, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have intensified their operations against Hamas in Gaza, aiming to dismantle its infrastructure and halt rocket attacks on Israeli territory. Concurrently, tensions with Hezbollah have flared along Israel's northern border with Lebanon.

In his Monday speech, Netanyahu said as the IDF advances deeper into Gaza, more evidence of Iran's anti-Israel activities has come to light.

He argued that Iran has underestimated both Israeli resilience and the country's determination to protect itself, stating that Israel is prepared to impose a significant toll on its aggressors.

His remarks come one day after the top US general warned that any Israeli offensive in Lebanon would risk a broader conflict that draws in Iran and its proxies, particularly if Hezbollah's existence is threatened.

"From our perspective, based on where our forces are, the short range between Lebanon and Israel, it's harder for us to be able to support them in the same way we did back in April," Brown said.

He was referring to a massive Iranian missile and drone attack against Israel from Iranian territory on April 13 that failed to inflict any serious damage as Israeli and allied forces downed almost all projectiles.

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