Uranium enrichment machines in an underground Iranian facility

US and Israeli Intelligence Scrutinize New Iranian Nuclear Data

Tuesday, 06/18/2024

US and Israeli intelligence agencies are investigating new computer modeling by Iranian scientists which could potentially be used for the research and development of nuclear weapons.

According to reports from Axios citing two US officials and Israeli counterparts, the purpose of the modeling remains unclear, fueling concerns on the back of the UN's nuclear chief warning Iran is "weeks not months" away from a nuclear weapon.

A critical meeting takes place at the White House this Thursday where senior US and Israeli officials will convene for the first detailed discussion on the Iranian nuclear program since March 2023. It is part of the US-Israel strategic consultative group (SCG), aiming to evaluate the recent intelligence and coordinate responses.

The UN recently admitted it had lost "continuity of knowledge" on Iran's program as the country continues to evade inspectors gaining full access.

The International Atomic Energy Organization has observed that Iran is installing more uranium enrichment centrifuges at its Fordow facility, reaching enrichment levels of up to 60 percent purity, alarmingly close to the 90 percent required for nuclear weapons.

In March, the E3 - the UK, France and Germany - warned that Iran has "pushed its nuclear activities to new heights" in spite of global sanctions, pointing out that over the past five years, the levels of the country's enrichment “are unprecedented for a state without a nuclear weapons program" as Iran continues to deny intentions of nuclear armament.

Ali Shamkhani, advisor to the Supreme Leader and apparent nuclear negotiator, stated last week that Iran "won't bow to pressure" amidst US warnings regarding its uranium enrichment activities.

Defiantly, he wrote on X, “The US and some Western countries would dismantle Iran’s nuclear industry if they could.”

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