Some of the alleged attackers suspected to be non-Iranian elements of the Islamic Republic

Iranian Dissident Injured in London Attack by Tehran Loyalists

Saturday, 05/25/2024

An Iranian protestor has sustained a severe spinal injury following an attack by Islamic Republic loyalists in London on Friday, according to activists who spoke to Iran International.

The attack targeted a group of Iranian dissidents celebrating Ebrahim Raisi's death outside a "community center" run by Islamic Republic loyalists, resulting in injuries to at least four people.

Late Friday, London’s Metropolitan police confirmed the incident and injuries to four people, adding that “their injuries are not believed to be either life-threatening or life-changing".

Speaking to Iran International English on Saturday, Iranian activist, Niyak Ghorbani who was present at the event refuted the police claim. Ghorbani added that one of the protestors identified with his first name as Navid had sustained serious spinal injuries and was currently still in hospital:

“He has sustained serious injuries to his spinal cord,” Ghorbani stated, adding that Navid is “unable to move his leg” and in severe pain.

Ghorbani further added that the attackers even followed them to the hospital.

“They [the attackers ] were waiting in the hospital until we informed the police that they had followed us…the police then called for a number of other police forces to come…and eventually they told them to leave the hospital…”

Ghorbani stated that the attackers “were waiting for them to leave the hospital” raising concerns for their safety even as the Iranian protestors were injured and being treated in hospital.

Moreover, another protest has been scheduled for 19:00 local time by Iranian dissidents in front of the Iranian embassy in London in protest to the vigil planned for Raisi, raising concerns for the protestors given Friday’s attacks.

London’s Metropolitan Police confirmed to Iranian journalist Saman Salmanpour that they are aware of the protest and stated:

"An appropriate policing plan will be in place to ensure both the safety of attendees and that the law is upheld."

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