Iranian singer Amir-Hossein Maqsoudlou, known as Tataloo

Iranian Pop Singer Given Heavy Prison Sentence

Sunday, 05/19/2024

Iranian singer Amir-Hossein Maghsoudlou, known by his stage name Tataloo, has been handed multiple prison sentences after being extradited from Turkey.

The 36-year-old underground musician, once a vocal supporter of the regime who had been living in Istanbul since 2018, was extradited back to Iran by Turkish authorities in December last year and has since been held in detention.

The trial, which commenced in March, accused Tataloo of several offenses including promoting "prostitution," disseminating "propaganda" against the Islamic Republic, and other broadly defined charges of "obscene content."

According to a Sunday report by the Telegram channel Fararuz News Magazine, Tataloo was sentenced to 10 years in prison for "encouraging people to corruption and debauchery," two years for "inviting people to gamble," and five years for "propaganda activities contrary to and disrupting the sacred law of Islam."

Additionally, Tataloo faced charges of "insulting the Prophet and the sanctities" in a criminal court in Tehran Province. He was acquitted of insulting the Prophet but received a three-year sentence for insulting the sanctities.

If the sentences are upheld upon appeal, the most severe punishment of 10 years in prison will be enforced.

Tataloo's attorney, Elham Rahimifar, criticized the sentences as “harsh” and reflective of the severe treatment her client has endured. She emphasized that the judgments are preliminary and subject to appeal.

Known for his distinctive tattoos and his fusion of rap, pop and R&B, Tataloo had previously found favor with conservative politicians looking to engage Iran’s young, progressive audience.

In 2017, he also participated in a televised meeting with the ultra-conservative Ebrahim Raisi, who is now the President of Iran.

In a notable moment in 2015, as the landmark nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers was unraveling, Tataloo released a song in support of Iran's nuclear program.

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