Urinals being removed from malls in Tehran

Urinals Removed from Tehran Shopping Malls for Being ‘Un-Islamic’

Saturday, 05/11/2024

Shopping malls in Tehran are removing urinals, branding them as "un-Islamic" and indicative of "Westoxification."

A fatwa by Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei says it is Makrooh (disliked but not sinful) to urinate while standing or on a hard surface, forcing men to use the pit latrines instead.

The move has sparked widespread discourse and critique on social media. One user expressed frustration, remarking, "This is ridiculous! If they'd spend more time worrying about the economy, the starving people, the water shortage, they wouldn't have to worry about how men urinate."

Another user sarcastically said, "I hope the level of your demands always remains this profoundly high, and that your minds never get bogged down with demands for trivial matters like city beautification, increased security, or economic improvements. Demands should only be for issues like hijab and the Islamic way of dressing, as these are what truly elevate people's quality of life."

The removal of urinals is just one example of how the Iranian regime continues to exert control over the minor details of the population's personal lives, from dress codes and family planning to restroom habits.

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