File photo of a public execution in Iran

Iran Executes ‘Mossad Agent’ In Connection With Drone Attack

Monday, 03/04/2024

Iran has executed a suspect with alleged ties to Mossad, in relation to a drone attack targeting a defense ministry site in central Iran last year.

The judiciary has not disclosed the individual's identity or the precise date and location of the execution.

The Tasnim News Agency, associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, reported on Sunday that the executed person, on January 28, 2023, "intended to detonate an explosives-laden vehicle at the Defense Ministry complex in Isfahan under the guidance of a Mossad intelligence officer."

On the evening of January 28, 2023, following an explosion at a key munitions production facility in Esfahan (Isfahan), Iran's Ministry of Defense stated that the facility had been the target of an "unsuccessful attack" by drones.

"The attack was carried out using drones, one of which struck an aerial defense system, and two other drones were captured and detonated by defense mechanisms," a statement read.

The attack resulted in no casualties, with only "minor damage" inflicted on the workshop roof, according to official reports.

Following the explosion, The Wall Street Journal, in an exclusive report citing American officials, implicated Israel in the drone attack as the two nations continue their shadow war.

To date, Iran has executed several prisoners on charges of "espionage" and "collaboration" with Mossad, drawing widespread international condemnation and criticism from human rights organizations.

Iran, relative to its population, holds the highest number of executions globally.

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