Israel Katz in Jerusalem on February 14, 2024

Israeli Warns UN Of Iran's Weapon Deliveries To Hezbollah

Saturday, 02/24/2024

In a message to the United Nations Security Council, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz has highlighted Iran's escalated weapons deliveries to Hezbollah through Syria.

Katz underscored Israel's right to protect its territory and citizens against such threats, emphasizing the urgent need for action.

Addressing the UNSC on Thursday, Katz condemned Iran's disregard for international resolutions, particularly citing violations of UNSC resolutions.

"Over the past months, while Israel is engaged in an ongoing armed conflict on numerous fronts, Iran is accelerating the pace of its weapons transfers to Hezbollah," wrote the foreign minister. "Iran is doing so by ground, using the porous Syrian-Lebanese border, as well as by air and sea, in violation of UNSCR 1701."

The shipments detailed in Katz's letter include components for air defense systems, various drones such as the Shahed-101 and Shahed-136, and diverse missile types including the Mini-Ababil and the 358 anti-aircraft interceptor. Katz highlighted specific units involved in the transfers, including the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah factions, while also noting instances where Israel intercepted the shipments.

Responding to inquiries regarding the letter, Katz took to social media platform X on Friday, reiterating Israel's firm stance. "Iran is the head of the snake. We will not be patient much longer for a diplomatic solution in the north. If the dramatic intelligence information we revealed to the Security Council does not bring about change - we will not hesitate to act."

Iran provides significant support to Hezbollah, as well as several other groups in the region designated as terrorist organizations, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, and the Houthis in Yemen.

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