A demonstration by Iranian expatriates against executions by the Islamic Republic, Paris, February 3, 2024

Global Protests Erupt Against Iranian Executions

Sunday, 02/04/2024

The Iranian diaspora led demonstrations in the world's capital cities this weekend in a bid to protest the killing spree in Iran which is executing dissidents at record rates.

Protests were held in cities including Berlin, Stockholm, Vienna, and Copenhagen with others slated to take place in Amsterdam, Bern, Paris, Dublin, Cologne, London and others.

It follows growing calls globally to halt the executions. According to reports from HRANA, a human rights organization, the year 2023 witnessed the execution of at least 791 individuals in Iran, including 25 women and two juveniles—a staggering increase of over 33% compared to the preceding year. 

The intensification of executions in Iran has spurred widespread global outrage, precipitating numerous protests in various corners of the world.

In its latest monthly assessment of the human rights landscape in Iran, HRANA documented that at least 90 people faced execution in December alone, underscoring the urgency of the international community's response to the escalating human rights violations within the country.

A panel of United Nations experts claim the number is even higher, announcing that at least 834 people were executed in Iran in 2023, including eight associated with the nationwide protests. 

This year alone, dozens more have been executed as the crackdown on dissent deepens. At least 28 people are known to have been executed in just 10 days during January. 

Statistics from the Iran Human Rights Organization reveal that since the beginning of 2024, at least 71 people have been executed in prisons across Iran. Of those, 28 were killed between January 21 and 31 alone.

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