President of the Islamic Republic Ebrahim Raisi

Iran's President Says 'We Can' And 'The Enemy Cannot'

Friday, 02/02/2024

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi during a visit to an IRGC naval exhibition on Friday said the message from what he observed is that “We can,” but the enemy “will never be able to.”

Raisi who has been visiting Hormozgan Province on the Persian Gulf, added: "The enemy cannot take any action against us because it knows that our forces are powerful and capable."

According to Fars news website affiliated with the IRGC, Raisi, apparently referring to the United Stated added , "Previously...they used to talk with threats and military options on the table. But now, there are no such talks, and they say they have no intention of conflict with the Islamic Republic. It is the strength of our people and our armed forces that has created this deterrence."

Raisi’s remarks follow a deadly drone attack on US forces in Jordan last Sunday that killed three American soldiers and led to the Biden administration vowing retaliation. However, after six days no military action has been taken against Iran and its proxy forces who launched the attack.

Iranian media on Friday carried headlines that the United States will not directly attack Iran, based on reports in Western media. Also, information by Reuters and others indicates that senior Revolutionary Guard officers and their affiliated bases in Iraq and Syria are being evacuated due to an expectation of US strikes.

The Biden administration is reportedly contemplating a prolonged retaliatory campaign, although several reports quoting officials on Thursday appear to show that Iran is being given the benefit of doubt about its role in the attack in Jordan and elsewhere.

As fears begin to subside in Tehran about direct US retaliation, Iran's currency has regained some stability after falling more than 10 percent since the deadly attack on US troops.

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