Iranian "Kheibarshekan" missiles are seen in an undisclosed location in Iran

Russia In Negotiations To Buy Short-Range Ballistic Missiles From Iran

Thursday, 01/04/2024

Moscow intends to purchase short-range ballistic missiles from the Islamic Republic, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The ongoing military talks between the two countries have caused concern among US government officials as Iran’s possible delivery of missiles to Russia can further improve Moscow’s capabilities in its war against Ukraine.

“The United States is concerned that Russian negotiations to acquire close-range ballistic missiles from Iran are actively advancing,” The Wall Street Journal quoted a US official as saying.

The deal between Tehran and Moscow has not been sealed yet, the report added, noting that in case of its finalization, the Iranian missiles might be delivered to Russia in the coming months.

The revelations come while it came to light that North Korea supplied Russia with dozens of ballistic missiles and several ballistic missile launchers.

The Islamic Republic has been one of the staunch allies of Russia in its war against Ukraine. Since mid-2022, Iran has supplied a substantial number of kamikaze Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to Russia, which have been extensively deployed to target civilian infrastructure and cities in Ukraine.

Despite Iran’s denials regarding its involvement in supplying drones and other weaponry to Russia, the United States and its NATO allies have imposed a series of sanctions on individuals and entities implicated in the drone shipments.

In December, US National Security spokesman John Kirby emphasized that Washington will continue to hold Tehran and Moscow accountable for their growing military ties.

Referring to Iran’s military assistance to Russia and extremist militant groups in the Middle East, Kirby warned that the burgeoning relationship between Tehran and Moscow “is not only not good for the Ukrainian people but it’s certainly not good for the region.”

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