Iranian lawyer Sohrab Rahmati

Unknown Assassins Target Iranian Kurdish Lawyer In Iraq

Friday, 11/17/2023

According to reports received by Iran International, Sohrab Rahmati, an Iranian Kurdish lawyer and human rights defender is currently hospitalized under security measures in Erbil.

Informed sources in the Kurdistan region of Iraq told Iran International's reporter that Rahmati was targeted in front of his house in Erbil by a three-member armed team, and he was hit by two bullets. The security forces of the Kurdistan region of Iraq have not yet been able to arrest the attackers and are investigating the incident.

Rahmati has represented several families in recent years whose members were victims of assassinations orchestrated by agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Kurdistan Region.

According to information received by Iran International in previous years, he had been responsible for handling the case of Qadir Qadiri, a senior member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, who was assassinated in a village in Sulaymaniyah province by three agents of the Islamic Republic in March 2018.

In an exclusive interview with Iran International in 2020, Rahmati said, "Those accused of Qadiri's assassination have confessed that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard planned the assassination and promised to pay them."

The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran condemned the malicious intent towards the life of this lawyer in a statement and announced that Sohrab Rahmati had been responsible for important cases.

The Democratic Party also emphasized that this lawyer has been repeatedly targeted for assassination by the Islamic Republic. In the past 11 months alone, three members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran have been assassinated in the Kurdistan region of Iraq by the Islamic Republic.

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