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Germany Claims Regime Employing State Terrorism To Eliminate Opposition

Tuesday, 06/20/2023

Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution claims the Iranian regime employs “state terrorism” to intimidate and eliminate opposition members.

It cautioned that Iranians residing in Germany could be targeted by Iranian intelligence and security services for abduction and espionage operations.

“Fighting opposition groups and individuals at home and abroad is the focus of Iranian intelligence activities,” reads the Constitutional Protection Report 2022, which has just been released.

The report further claimed that spying activities against (pro-)Israel and (pro-)Jewish targets in Germany are still part of Iran's field of espionage.

“Spying activities by Iranian intelligence services including IRGC’s Quds Force serve to prepare for state terrorist activities, including kidnapping or even killing the target.”

The report goes on to say that since 2019, Iranian intelligence services have repeatedly carried out costly, complex and professionally executed kidnappings of high-ranking targets from the opposition spectrum.

In January, an audio file shared on social media revealed that the regime threatens Iranians abroad for taking part in anti-government protests and expressing opposition.

The Daily Telegraph in December reported that the Islamic Republic uses mosques and political institutions in the United Kingdom as part of its “spying system” to target dissidents.

Canada's spy agency also launched an investigation into what it calls multiple "credible" death threats from Iran aimed at individuals in Canada.

In November, Israel’s Mossad informed Britain’s spy agency about an impending Iranian plot to carry out terrorist attacks against Iran International’s journalists based in London.

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