A young woman lies in hospital after reports of poisoning at an unspecified location in Iran in this still image from video from March 2, 2023.

Professors Summoned For Slamming School Poisonings

Tuesday, 06/06/2023

At least 11 professors from The University of Science and Technology in Tehran have been summoned for slamming student poisonings.

The staff were summoned to the disciplinary committee after they signed a statement against the wave of chemical attacks on schools.

Back in March, over 300 university professors condemned the organized chemical attacks in hundreds of schools across the country which have since last year seen thousands of students made sick or hospitalized.

"Despite claims to protect domestic and cross-border security, the government has not taken preventive measures in the face of this obvious threat to national security," read the statement.

The action against the academics is part of a widespread crackdown on universities as the hotbed of anti-regime sentiment. Having been one of the main centers of popular protests, the regime has increased the number of security agents at campuses and beefed up inspection of the students’ belongings.

Iran's Student Union Council reported on Monday that during the past week, "a large number of students" of The University of Science and Technology were summoned for refusing to wear the mandatory hijab and what the officials called "improper outfits".

The report also claims security forces continue to threaten and harass the students in the university campus under the pretext of not wearing proper hijab while several female students have been summoned for not returning to their dormitory on time.

In the past few months Iran’s security forces summoned dozens of students to punish them for staging protests against the poisoning of schoolgirls across the country.

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