A sit-in by Iranian university students in support of schoolgirls who were attacked by a poisonous gas

Iran Regime Mounts Pressure On Students After Protests Against Poisonings

Monday, 03/13/2023

Iran’s security forces have summoned dozens of students to punish them for staging protests against the poisoning of schoolgirls across the country.

Reports from Iran say dozens more students have been banned from entering the universities of Tehran and Tabriz, a tactic which has been used throughout the Woman, Life, Freedom protests which began in September.

Having been one of the main centers of popular protests, the regime has increased the number of security agents at campuses and beefed up inspection of the students’ belongings.

According to the country's Student Union Council, 40 students of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences were summoned to the disciplinary committee after they held protests against the mysterious chemical attacks which have taken place in scores of schools and dormitories since November.

Activist Zia Nabavi claimed that last week, he and a number of other students of Allameh University in Tehran were banned from entering the campus after they staged a protest against the serial poisonings which have affected hundreds of girls across the country.

Last week, over 300 university professors condemned the organized chemical attacks in a statement, declaring that the perpetrators of the "horrible crime" are among the "cruelest, most dangerous and most hated" enemies of children and teenagers.

"This is a shame that despite claims to protect domestic and cross-border security, the government has not taken preventive measures in the face of this obvious threat to national security," read the statement.

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