Iranian writer, filmmaker and jailed dissident, Mohammad Nourizad

Iranian writer, filmmaker and jailed dissident, Mohammad Nourizad

Famous Jailed Dissident Lashes Out At Iran’s Rulers

Thursday, 10/20/2022

Mohammad Nourizad, a writer and political prisoner says the Islamic Republic has killed 200 people just to prove it did not kill Mahsa Amini over her hijab.

In response to a call by head of Iran's Judiciary, Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje'i for dialog with protesters, Nourizad sent an audio file from Evin prison in Tehran saying that he is ready for dialog.

In this file, which is circulating on social media, the Iranian journalist has lashed out at Mohseni-Eje'i telling him that he is not fit to tell the protesters “Let’s sit down and talk and you can talk freely without going to jail.” Nourizad probably meant that the head of Judiciary is not the real decision maker, or that he is responsible for the brutal treatment of protesters.

Addressing regime’s President Ebrahim Raisi he made fun of his elementary school education level, saying that “a six-grader in the position of presidency is a big blow to elitism.”

“I swear to God that I am negotiating,” he said and added that the cleric, who has studied nothing but Arabic grammar, does not know anything about “human in society, generational society, the international community, interaction with others, and interaction using wisdom!”

This political prisoner also asked Iran’s intelligence ministry, the IRGC, and plainclothes agents to consider his message as a small protest and not to attack him.

In another part of his message Nourizad addressed the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei warning that “a vast majority of people don’t want Mullahs (clerics). They don’t want Revolutionary Guard commanders. They don’t want brutal Basijis [paramilitary volunteer militia]. Believe this.”

Emphasizing that he is having a dialog and he’s not a separatist or a rioter, Nourizad also talked about the riot at Evin prison October 15, saying that “Shots were fired, RPGs were fired, Kalashnikov volleys were fired right over my head and around me. Do not insult people's intelligence, do not say that some people died due to smoke inhalation.”

“We saw blood and dead bodies in Evin. You call them criminals? We accept it, but they were human! Evin prison unrest could have been controlled with tear gas, not with live rounds, not with machine guns, not with RPGs!” he underlined.

A large fire spread in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison Saturday evening as gunshots and blasts were heard. At least eight inmates were killed, and tens of others were injured in the massive blaze.

Some journalists and people on social media accused the Islamic Republic of setting the prison on fire intentionally.

There is no chance in Iran for any independent investigation as to how the blaze started and exactly how many prisoners were killed. The Judiciary is a political institution fully at the service of the ruling elite, directly under Khamenei's control.

Mohammad Nourizad signed a petition along with fourteen other dissidents in June 2019 demanding Khamenei’s resignation. The signatories were all arrested, and eight individuals were tried in a court without due process of law. They were sentenced to a total of 72 years in prison by in February.

Evin prison is home to many political prisoners, opposition figures, dual nationals, elites, and thinkers who just expressed their opinions and wanted to have dialog with the regime.

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