US Says To Coordinate With Allies On Iran's 'Bloody Crackdown'

Friday, 10/07/2022

The US said Friday that it would continue to coordinate with its allies on how to respond to Iran's "bloody crackdown" on protesters and its "state-sponsored violence" against women.

The US reaction came at the same time that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced strong measures against Iran’s Revolutionary Guard for its role in ongoing human rights violations.

The Biden Administration has sanctioned Iranian officials involved in implementing repressive measures since popular protests began in mid-September after a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini was killed in the custody of Iran’s religious or ‘morality’ police.

"We are going to continue to coordinate with our allies and partners and respond to Iran's violent crackdown as well as, frankly, its state-sponsored violence against women," State Department spokesman Vedant Patel told reporters.

Nationwide protests broke out in Iran after Amini was pronounced dead from injuries to her brain on September 16. Security forces have acted brutally against protesters, killing many including teenagers and children.

"The Iranian government has now killed more than 100 people in its bloody crackdown," he added, citing credible human rights groups.

European countries have also reacted to Iran’s violations of human rights during the protests and have vowed to hold Tehran responsible for its treatment of women. The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Thursday condemning Amini’s killing and asking member states to react to Iran’s violations.

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