Iran has criticized Muslim countries for relying on Israel for their security, which it says cannot defend itself as the Jewish state is teaming up with regional countries against Iran.

Revolutionary Guard’s commander Hossein Salami in a meeting with the visiting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Pakistan General Nadeem Raza Nishan on Tuesday, also said that “Israel is the enemy of the Islamic world and humanity.” 

A military alliance is being formed in the region under the leadership of Washington with many Arab countries starting to coordinate with Israel as the member of CENTCOM, the US Central Command, covering the Middle East. 

Seriously concerned about the growing ties, the Islamic Republic is repeatedly warning neighbors against allowing Israel to establish a presence in the Persian Gulf region.

Earlier in the day, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett addressed Iran saying, “You can no longer hit Israel indirectly and through proxies and think you’ll get away with it.”

The outgoing premier said “wreaking havoc in Tehran” is not a policy, “Our policy is, if you mess with Israel, you’ll pay a price,” apparently referring to air raid sirens that sounded in Jerusalem and Eilat last week, reportedly triggered by a cyberattack possibly by Iranian hackers. On Monday, Iran’s major steel companies were hit by a cyberattack.

Israel intends to ask the US to approve the delivery of an Israeli laser-powered air defense system to Arab countries aligned against Iran, including Saudi Arabia, as part of a US-led effort to establish the regional alliance. 

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