The interior of a villa damaged in Iran's missile attack on Erbil. March 13, 2022

The interior of a villa damaged in Iran's missile attack on Erbil. March 13, 2022

Iran's Guards Warn Of More Attacks On 'Israeli Targets' In Iraq


The Revolutionary Guard threatened more strikes on targets in Iraq if Baghdad “continues to allow Israel to use its territory” to launch attacks against Iran.

In an interview with Yemeni TV channel Al Masirah on Thursday, IRGC spokesman Ramezan Sharif claimed that Israel used one of its bases in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq for the mid-February attack that reportedly destroyed hundreds of drones at a base in the Iranian province of Kermanshah.

Iran launched ballistic missiles on Sunday at Erbil claiming there was an Israeli base in the the northern Iraq Kurdish region.

He cited the Iranian ambassador in Iraq as saying that the Iraqi Kurds have been repeatedly warned about the base that was targeted this week, as well as two other bases.

He warned of more attacks if Iraq does not get rid of the other Israeli bases, saying that it is a "natural right" to destroy any base from which Iran’s security is threatened.

Iran's foreign ministry warned Iraqi authorities on Monday that Tehran would not tolerate the use of Iraqi soil by third parties for attacks against Iran, noting that “Iraqi territory was used several times in the past against Iran by third parties including terrorist groups such as Kurdish militants, the United States and the Zionist entity”.

The US mission to the United Nations this week called for a UN Security Council discussion “to condemn Iran’s missile attack”, saying the “the attack struck a civilian residence in Erbil and was an outrageous violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

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