A villa damaged by Iran's ballistic missile attack on Erbil. March 13, 2022

A villa damaged by Iran's ballistic missile attack on Erbil. March 13, 2022

US Calls For UN Security Council Session To Condemn Iran’s Attack On Erbil


The United States’ mission to the United Nations has urged a Security Council session over Iran’s ballistic missile attack at Iraq’s Erbil.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the US mission called for a UN Security Council discussion “to condemn Iran’s missile attack on the Kurdistan Region of Iraq”.

Describing it as “reckless and unprovoked”, the mission said, “the attack struck a civilian residence in Erbil and was an outrageous violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

“Security Council members should condemn this attack, hold Iran accountable, and support Iraq’s democracy and sovereignty”, it added.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) took responsibility for targeting the capital of Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan with over a dozen ballistic missiles allegedly to destroy an Israeli intelligence base, while reports say the Biden Administration is considering removing IRGC from its foreign terrorist blacklist.

Sunday’s missiles fell close to a United States consulate building, damaging a villa that Iran claimed was used by Israelis.

Earlier on Monday, the Supreme Judicial Council of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region called on Baghdad to refer the case of Iran's attack to the UN Security Council, saying the government must take all necessary measures against the violation of Iraq’s sovereignty.

The council also urged the Iraqi parliament and international institutions to take "decisive and serious" action to stop Iran's strikes.

The Iranian parliament has issued a statement praising the Revolutionary Guard for its attack.

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