A scene from Iran's parliament in session. Undated

A scene from Iran's parliament in session. Undated

Iranian Parliament Praises IRGC Missile Attack On Erbil


The Iranian parliament has issued a statement praising the Revolutionary Guard for its ballistic missile attack at Iraq’s Erbil on Sunday.

The statement, which was signed by 213 lawmakers and read out at the parliament on Tuesday, described the IRGC as one of the achievements of the Islamic Revolution and expressed support for the IRGC’s “decisive action”.
Reiterating that the target of the attack was a "strategic center for conspiracy and evil of the Zionists” in Erbil, they said “procrastination in responding to the enemy (Israel) makes it more arrogant”.
“Iran's national security and the country's armed forces are among the red lines for the nation's representatives”, the statement said, adding that “We consider the recent courageous action in accordance with the laws approved by the country and the protection of the borders of our beloved homeland”.
Earlier on Monday, the Supreme Judicial Council of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region called on Baghdad to refer the case of Iran's attack to the UN Security Council, saying the government must take all necessary measures against the violation of Iraq’s sovereignty.
The council also urged the Iraqi parliament and international institutions to take "decisive and serious" action to stop Iran's strikes.

Iran fired missiles at Erbil saying it targeted an Israeli secret base. No one was killed but missiles did damage to some residential buildings.

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