North Dakota Senator Kevin John Cramer (R). Undated

North Dakota Senator Kevin John Cramer (R)

Senator Says Iran Deal Jeopardizes US, Israeli Security


A US Senator has said the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers only emboldens Iran and endangers the security of the United States and Israel.

North Dakota Republican Senator Kevin John Cramer also criticized President Joe Biden on Saturday for his Iran policy, saying, “Biden is welcoming the largest state sponsor of terrorism back to the world stage”.

In a tweet with a link to a report that said Iran can reach top oil output two months after nuclear deal, he pointed out that after the Islamic Republic finalizes its agreement at the Vienna talks, “They’ll be able to develop and sell their vast energy reserves”.

He added that “Appeasement doesn’t work” with Iran, noting, “An emboldened, enriched Iran will only jeopardize our national security and Israel”

Government-run media in Iran have been jubilant this week seeing oil prices rising and diplomats saying a nuclear deal that could lift US sanctions more likely now.

Oil prices experienced a wild swing of $10 a barrel on Thursday, March 3, but reached $120 on Friday as uncertainty about the Ukraine crisis dominated news. Oil analysts have kept emphasizing that once a nuclear agreement is reached with Iran and oil export sanctions lifted, Tehran can add a minimum of one million barrels a day to world supply.

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