An Israeli F-35 stealth warplane with crew. FILE PHOTO

An Israeli F-35 stealth warplane with crew

Israel Simulated Attack On Iran’s Nuclear Facilities In Recent Drills


The Israel Air Force has held a drill to simulate an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities with dozens of warplanes, as tensions remain high in the region.

According to an unsourced report by Israel’s public broadcaster Kan news on Tuesday, the classified military exercise was held some two weeks ago, with a US Air Force officer in attendance.

The drills that took place over the Mediterranean included various scenarios such as mid-air refueling, long-range strikes, and different responses to anti-aircraft missiles.

The Israelis touted the participation of a US official as an observer as evidence of a shift in Washington’s approach to Tehran’s nuclear program as the Vienna talks to revive the deal seem to falter.

Opposing the current nuclear talks between Iran and world powers, Israel has reiterated that it reserves the right to take military action to protect its citizens regardless of what happens in Vienna, with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett saying that “the campaign to weaken Iran” would be waged on a number of fronts.

During extensive military drills late in December, Iran simulated an attack against Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor.

Fars news agency, an affiliate of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, published a video that shows a mock-up of the Israeli nuclear site -- marked as “WMD production center” -- as the target of the simulated operation.

Rhetoric has intensified between Iran and Israel as nuclear talks between have not reached any tangible results.

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