Presidential hopeful Masoud Pezeshkian

Presidential Candidate Reveals Rampant Corruption in Iranian Government

Monday, 06/24/2024

Masoud Pezeshkian, the only reform-leaning presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential elections, has revealed mass mismanagement and corruption plaguing the nation.

Speaking Monday, Pezeshkian revealed, "Money disappears in the country in amounts as significant as 70 trillion, and it is unclear where it goes, while our people have to search through garbage bins for a piece of bread to survive."

He did not specify whether the figure was in rials or tomans. If in rials, this equals around $116 million; if in tomans, approximately $1.16 billion. The revelation comes as Iran’s annual budget for the current year is over $100 billion and the six presidential candidates vie for the top seat.

Iran is currently grappling with gross embezzlement issues and widespread poverty, which have eroded public trust in governmental institutions and exacerbated social inequalities.

Numerous high-profile embezzlement cases have been uncovered, involving senior officials and businesspeople who exploit loopholes and weak oversight to siphon off public funds.

The systemic corruption drains crucial resources from public services and development projects, impacting the everyday lives of ordinary Iranians. Despite Iran's vast oil reserves and natural resources, a significant portion of the population struggles with poverty, high unemployment rates, and inflation.

At least one third of Iranians are now below the poverty line, forcing many to scavenge for food and essentials.

Iran's snap elections on June 28 follow the sudden death of Ebrahim Raisi last month in a freak helicopter crash.

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