Iranian writer, filmmaker and jailed dissident, Mohammad Nourizad

Dissident Placed in Solitary Confinement for Prison Food Price Protest

Friday, 06/14/2024

Mohammad Nourizad, a well-known writer, filmmaker, and political detainee, has been moved to solitary confinement after protesting against the rising food prices in prison, as reported by his wife.

In an audio clip circulating on social media, Fatemeh Maleki, his wife, said that Nourizad's objections to the increased prison food costs over the past two months led to his solitary confinement. She expressed concern about his health, having had no contact with him since Saturday. Detailed information about his transfer remains unknown.

"It's unjust for prisoners, many struggling to meet basic needs, to endure blatant theft, even within their ranks. While some voiced their protest, it seems others have grown indifferent to their plight," she said.

In February, Iranian authorities extended Nourizad's sentence by 61 months due to his participation in protests while in prison. He cited his refusal to remain silent "in the face of injustices" as the primary reason for this additional punishment.

Since 2019, Nourizad has been serving a 15-year prison sentence for allegedly insulting Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

In June 2019, Nourizad and fourteen other dissidents signed a petition demanding Khamenei’s resignation. Subsequently, they were all arrested, and eight of them were tried in court without proper legal proceedings. In February, they were collectively sentenced to 72 years in prison.

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