A billboard in Jerusalem that reads "the end of Ayatollah's regime in Iran"

Evangelical-Funded Billboard In Israel Promises Collapse Of 'Ayatollah's Regime' By 2028

Thursday, 04/25/2024

Massive Evangelical-funded billboards have been installed in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, predicting the collapse of the Iranian government by October 28, 2028.

Towering the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv, the billboard demonstrates the phrase “The end of the Ayatollah’s regime in Iran” in Hebrew, English and Persian. Underneath the inscriptions is an hourglass which symbolizes the downfall of the Iranian government in the near future.

The billboard has been erected by “Jerusalem Prayer Team,” a US organization whose aims are to “guard, defend, and protect the Jewish people” and raise funds to “meet humanitarian needs of the Jewish people in Israel,” according to its website.

“Hundreds of millions of Evangelicals have Israel’s back. Israel, you’re not alone,” read the statement written at the bottom of the billboard.

Likewise, “Jerusalem Prayer Team” published a similar announcement in Israel Hayom daily on Monday, warning that “all who have lifted their hands against Israel are in the dust pan of history.”

Erecting a billboard promising the downfall of the Islamic Republic resembles similar state-sponsored moves in Iran over the past years. In 2015, Ali Khamenei said Israel must be destroyed in 25 years and the government set up a countdown clock in Tehran and a few other cities.

Tensions between Iran and Israel have risen sharply over the past weeks. On April 1, Israel launched a precision missile strike on Iran's consulate building in Damascus, including Mohammad Reza Zahedi, the top commander of the IRGC Quds Force. In retaliation, Iran launched on April 13 its first ever direct offensive against Israeli territory with more than 350 drones and cruise and ballistic missiles.

Early Friday, Israel reportedly targeted Esfahan's 8th Shekari Air Base in reprisal for Iran’s operation. Though satellite images and reports indicate that a major defense system in the airbase was damaged, Iranian officials and state media have unanimously played down the operation.

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