Ismail Yousef Baz, a Hezbollah commander killed April 16, 2024.

Israeli Airstrike Kills Senior Hezbollah Commander

Tuesday, 04/16/2024

The Israeli military has confirmed that a senior Hezbollah commander, Ismail Yousef Baz, has been killed in an airstrike.

According to the IDF, Baz was active in planning and carrying out both rocket and antitank missile attacks against Israel from the Lebanese coastal area.

Baz, equated in rank to a brigade commander, had been a long-standing figure in Hezbollah's military operations. The IDF described him as a "senior and veteran official" within the terror organization, having held several pivotal roles.

Hezbollah launched two drones laden with explosives towards northern Israel to target an Iron Dome missile defense battery on Tuesday. The drones struck near the community of Beit Hillel, slightly injuring three people. Social media footage appeared to show one of the drones flying over the Galilee Panhandle.

In response, Israeli forces conducted a drone strike on a vehicle in Ain Baal near Tyre, approximately 15 kilometers from the Israeli border.

Hezbollah, known for its backing by Iran, along with other Palestinian groups like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, has intensified its operations against Israel. The IDF reported that Baz was the sixth officer of his rank eliminated in recent operations, with over 30 Hezbollah commanders reportedly killed in the past six months.

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