Iran Cracks Down On Media And Online Voices Against Israel Attack

Monday, 04/15/2024

The Iranian government has taken legal action against a number of newspapers and influential journalists who failed to reiterate its rhetoric regarding the attack on Israel in their publications.

Prominent 'reformist' commentator Abbas Abdi, investigative journalist Hossein Dehbashi, and whistle-blower Yashar Soltani, who recently exposed a prominent cleric's corruption, have been accused of “compromising national security" following their comments regarding Iran's attack on Israel's soil.

(From left) Yashar Solatni, Abbas Abdi, Hossein Dehbashi

The punitive measures extend beyond journalists to include citizens. On Sunday, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) threatened to take action against any online expression of support for Israel.

The Iranian government launched over 350 drones and missiles into Israel on Saturday night in retaliation for an airstrike on its consulate compound in Damascus on April 1, for which they blamed Israel. Several members of the IRGC, including two top commanders, were killed in the attack.

In spite of regime celebrations of the attack, Abdi remained outspoken, claiming, "Contrary to popular belief, I believe that Israel's attack was a reaction which does not require Iran's response and reaction."
Over 700 journalists have been arrested since the 2022 uprising with more crackdowns expected in the wake of the bombardment, Iran among the world's least safe places for journalists. At home and abroad, the regime has sought to silence voices of dissent, including attacks on Iran International journalists abroad.

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