File photo of a public execution in Iran

Executions Surge In Iran Amid Tensions, Global Distraction

Monday, 04/15/2024

Recent reports from human rights organizations indicate a rise in the number of executions carried out in Iran.

At least four people were executed in Hamedan, Esfahan (Isfahan), and Zanjan province prisons from April 11 through April 14, an apparent spike in state-sanctioned killings.

On Sunday and Monday, five prisoners were locked up in solitary confinement in Ghezel Hesar prison of Karaj, near Tehran, and one in Rasht prison in preparation for their executions.

The new wave of prison executions in Iran, which the Islamic Republic has initiated, seems to run concurrently with its missile and drone attacks on Israel, amid the global focus on its military actions. Also, some believe that after a brief lull during the month of Ramadan, the government has resumed the high rate of executions witnesses in the past few months.

Amnesty International issued a report on April 4 where it explained that there is a rise in executions in Iran. The report explained that 853 people were executed in 2023, the highest record in eight years, with over half being hanged for drug-related charges, reflecting an 89% increase from 2022.

More than 80 human rights groups last week issued a joint statement urging the United Nations to press Iran to end its prolific use of the death penalty, mostly in matters of drug offenses. The groups have urged the UN Office on Drugs and Crime to review its collaboration with Tehran and suggest that any continued collaboration should be pegged on Iran stopping the executions.

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