Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen

Israel: Conflict With Regime Not Iranians

Sunday, 04/14/2024

The Israeli Foreign Ministry, addressing the people of Iran via its Farsi page on X, emphasized that its conflict is with the Islamic Republic, not the Iranian people.

The same message was also echoed in English on the ministry's official page.

In response to Iranian claims of causing significant damage, the ministry also posted a video of a fighter jet landing safely at Nevatim Airbase, dispelling the allegations as operations at the base continued unimpaired.

Additionally, a video surfaced from the Iranian parliament where members were seen celebrating the attack on Israel and chanting "Death to Israel!" The Israeli foreign ministry responded stating, "One thing is clear: We are strong, resilient, and we will never give in to terror. Those who harm the people of Israel will pay the price."

The escalation followed an April 1 attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, which Iran attributes to Israel, resulting in the deaths of two IRGC generals among others.

Iran's permanent mission to the UN wrote on X that the aerial bombardment was "Conducted on the strength of Article 51 of the UN Charter pertaining to legitimate defense, Iran’s military action was in response to the Zionist regime’s aggression against our diplomatic premises in Damascus."

In a warning to the US which had supported Israel's defensive efforts on Sunday morning along with the UK, France and Jordan, the post said that while the operation was complete, it warned: "The matter can be deemed concluded. However, should the Israeli regime make another mistake, Iran’s response will be considerably more severe. It is a conflict between Iran and the rogue Israeli regime, from which the US MUST STAY AWAY!

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