The UK Royal Marines are prepared to oversee a major evacuation of British nationals from the Middle East if Iran decides to launch a missile strike on Israel.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, commandos have been doing reconnaissance along the Lebanese coast in preparation for a possible maritime rescue operation.

Defense Secretary Grant Shapps told the Mail that the UK “stands ready” to help any Britons who find themselves stuck in the area. The Foreign Office has recommended that all UK citizens leave Lebanon as a precaution.

US President Joe Biden on Friday issued a warning about a significant risk of attack "sooner than later."

Meanwhile, there are reports suggesting that Iran has advised against US intervention in the region. The evacuation plan, known as Operation Meteoric, will be led by the UK's 'Green Berets' with assistance from the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

A team of Marines from 30 Commando has been sent to the area for Operation Meteoric, drawing parallels to the historic Operation Dynamo from 1940, which evacuated Allied soldiers from Dunkirk.

Tensions escalated following an attack on Iran's consulate in Damascus on April 1, reportedly carried out by Israel. Iran has repeatedly threatened retaliation either directly from its territory or deploying its proxy forces in the region.

Recent reports indicate that Iran may use drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles, posing a threat to civilian air travel.

In a worst-case scenario, civilians stranded on beaches could be rescued by the UK’s Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships in the eastern Mediterranean, supported by RAF Typhoon jets stationed in Cyprus.

Shapps assured that the UK is prepared to help its citizens in the midst of rising tensions, even though details of the plans are classified for safety.

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