Slain IRGC commander Mohammad Reza Zahedi

Iranian Football Fans Defy Minute Silence For Slain Commanders

Monday, 04/08/2024

Iranian football fans disregarded a regime directive calling for a minute of silence for top Revolutionary Guard Quds Force commanders killed by Israel in Damascus.

During a match in Tehran, fans turned the moment into a minute of boos and jeers by blowing horns and shouting, a gesture captured on video that swiftly spread across social media platforms.

Last week’s airstrike saw a top commander and six IRGC forces killed in the brazen strike to Iran’s personnel abroad.

The incident echoes a similar occurrence in October, when hundreds of Iranian fans at another football match in Tehran protested against the presence of Palestinian flags on the pitch.

While the Islamic Republic's propaganda machinery orchestrated street celebrations in support of what they termed the "Palestinian victory” after the October 7 invasion of Israel by Hamas, the atmosphere at the football match revealed a different sentiment among Iranian fans.

Chants of "Take that Palestinian flag and shove it up your A**!" were heard, highlighting a divergence from the regime's narrative.

The Hamas attack claimed the lives of 1,200 predominantly civilians, and saw 250 others taken hostage and remains a contentious issue in Iran.

Despite attempts to galvanize public support through organized rallies, ordinary Iranians largely refrained from participating, underscoring the nuanced and diverse nature of public sentiment within the country.

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