US Secretary of State Antony Blinken at a press conference in Paris, France, April 2, 2024

US Working 'Day And Night' To Prevent Weapon Transfers To Russia

Wednesday, 04/03/2024

The US Secretary of State says Washington and its allies are working "day in day out" to hinder the transfer of weapons to Russia from countries like China, Iran, and North Korea.

"We are working day in, day out, to effectively prevent the transfer of weapons and materials to Russia, to fuel that war machine, to fuel the defence industrial base, including from Iran, from North Korea and from China," Antony Blinken stated in Paris on Tuesday.

Expressing concerns over the potential impact of such transfers, Blinken emphasized, "This is not just a threat to Ukraine, it's a threat to European security overall."

Recent reports have raised alarms about the supply of various weaponry to Russia. South Korea's defense minister disclosed last month that North Korea had dispatched approximately 7,000 containers of arms to Russia since around July, intended for use in the conflict with Ukraine.

Iran's involvement in the conflict includes supplying drones to Russia, prompting warnings from G7 countries last month regarding potential sanctions if Tehran transfers ballistic missiles to Russia for use in Ukraine.

Since mid-2022, the Iranian regime has stood as a steadfast ally of Russia in its conflict with Ukraine. Reports indicate that Iran has provided hundreds of kamikaze Shahed UAVs to Russia, extensively utilized for targeting civilian infrastructure and urban areas in Ukraine.

While China has denied selling lethal weapons for use in the conflict, Blinken reiterated the collaborative efforts of the international community to thwart such support. "We are working together to try to interrupt and penalise any provision of this kind of support whether from Iran, North Korea or elsewhere including China," Blinken affirmed.

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