A Mohajer-6 Iranian drone shown with Qassem missiles

UK Spots New Iran-Made Drone At Russian Airbase In Crimea

Saturday, 03/09/2024

Britain's Ministry of Defense announced Friday that an Iranian Mohajer-6 surveillance and attack drone has been identified at Russia’s Saky Airfield in occupied Crimea.

“The continued presence of the system in western Crimea is likely evidence of Russia trying to identify threats to Russian ports and vessels following recent Ukrainian successes,” read the statement issued by the ministry on X.

The ministry also shared a satellite image which proved the presence of the Iran-made drone right beside a UAV ground control station in the airfield. The image was taken by an Airbus satellite on February 23.

Though the Mohajer-6 is mostly used in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations, it can also carry out air-to-surface missile attacks.

According to the UK’s Ministry of Defense, there is “a realistic possibility” that the drone is to be employed to back “Russian targeting processes for the south-west Ukrainian coastline.”

In September 2022, Ukraine’s army shot down at least one Mohajer-6 UAV over the Black Sea.

Russia annexed Crimea to its territory in 2014, a move that has not been recognized by the majority of the international community.

The Iranian regime has been one of the staunch allies of Russia in its war against Ukraine. Since mid-2022, Iran has reportedly supplied hundreds of kamikaze Shahed UAVs to Russia, which have been extensively deployed to target civilian infrastructure and cities in Ukraine.

Earlier in the month, British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps accused Iran of supplying Russia with ballistic missiles for use in Ukraine, claiming the regime is a "bad influence" not only on the Middle East but also in Europe.

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